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Instructions for Tutors

Make a Zoom Account (unless you already have one)
  • Go to
  • Click on “Sign In”
  • Scroll down to “Sign in with Google”
  • Enter in your personal email (only use your school email if you do not have a personal one)
  • Also, download the Zoom app onto your computer through the website. If you do not know how, there will be a pop up, prompting you to download, upon starting a meeting.
Tutoring Sessions
  • Join with the Zoom link sent out from or use the Meeting ID/Password within the Zoom App (provided through email). Please join the call at 3:25 in preparation for the Zoom Session.
  • Wait to be assigned into a breakout room with your corresponding student.
  • Be prepared for your own student, it will likely be a one-to-one situation.
  • After your 1 hour Tutoring Session, create a Google Doc and write a Report Paragraph with the student’s name and date at the top and your name on the bottom for each entry in the report. This is a record of your tutoring sessions and will be reused each time.
  • Title the document (Your name)’s Tutoring Report.
  • Click the “Share” button in the top right and share it to Make sure that the email is listed under yours when you click “Share” again.
  • Remember to NOT GIVE OUT your PERSONAL email or cell phone number to the student or parent. This is a liability issue.
  • If the student or parent asks for help which is outside of your required hourly session, you are not permitted to help them. (People may try to take advantage of your help. Your time is precious!)
  • Have your materials and work ready to help your student.
  • Try to move to a room with good connection and not much background noise.
  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself. Respect your student.
  • If you need any help with your student, click the “Ask for Help” button.
  • Do not share any contact info with your student. Do not give yours, do not receive theirs. This is due to liability issues.

Please Read This Document (specifically the DO NOTS)

Contact for Tech Support/Questions: